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Evolution Fighting Systems is the product of World Champion Raymond Daniels and contributes to all of his success in all forms of combat sports. This is a proven system that has created and worked for many World Champions.

With the mission to evolve all sport martial arts and combat sports and wanting to change the way martial artists and fighter’s progress through their learning, Raymond and Ryan created a fighting system from their countless years as competitors and teachers.

  • Instant access to hundreds of instruction content

  • Train and Learn anywhere in the World

  • Increase your Striking Arsenal

  • Evolve and improve your fighting, training and coaching ability

  • Improve Footwork and Movement

  • Expand your fighting and coaching IQ

  • Proven System that breads World Champions

  • Immediately upgrade your skill set

  • School Owners: Improve your ability to teach Safe and Fun classes

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Full interactive virtual courses

8 levels of training to engage and expand your martial arts IQ

New concepts, movements, offensive and defensive techniques

24/7 online coaching

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Full interactive virtual courses

8 levels of training to engage and expand your martial arts IQ

New concepts, movements, offensive and defensive techniques

24/7 online coaching

Certificate of completion – EFS Certified

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Throughout my entire career in Martial Arts, the most commonly asked question I’ve received is “How do I fight like you?” That inspired me to create a two part series called Fighting with Style. These series’ contains some of my favorite techniques that will help you learn how to have fun and be remembered in the ring. The concepts and techniques you will learn will make it smooth and effortless to score on your opponents, time and time again, while fighting with style. Enjoy this never before seen series I created to teach you how to fight like me – with style

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What is the Evolution
Fighting System?

EFS is a proven martial arts based curriculum created by World Champion Raymond Daniels. Designed to be the blueprint to building a true champion from the ground up. EFS uses the basic building blocks of learning and the principles that each fighting technique has three steps: Education, Function, and Solution. Through Eight levels of concepts, movements, offense, and defense/counters, EFS not only gives students the skills to be dominant in the ring and in life.  

On top of a revolutionary approach to teaching fighting, EFS is evolving the way Martial Arts schools are doing business. With features like student profiles and class templates instructors can have a more in depth approach to teaching their students. By using our school management software owners can manage and keep track of their everyday operations and the progress each student is making. Student and Booking analytics to can change the way school owners look at their student retention and attendance. All these and many more features will make any instructor or student grow exponentially and achieve their greatest success.

frequently asked questions

What is Virtual Training System?2020-02-14T00:09:58+00:00

EFS is an online virtual training system to help improve your sport martial arts from beginner to expert.

Do I need to watch videos in the specific order?2020-02-13T23:49:39+00:00

We recommend watching the videos in the order by levels 1-8. However, it is not required.

How do I get access?2020-02-14T00:07:54+00:00

Month-to-month or for the entire year, depending on your subscription.

Can I learn from mobile?2020-02-14T00:10:24+00:00


Is there in-person training?2020-02-14T00:12:11+00:00

No, it’s only online platform; Or in-person if your school is EFS certified.

  • Interactive Lessons

    System serves as your personal guide as you experience immersive virtual training modules.
  • Web-Based System

    Accessible anytime and on any device, training can be completed from home or at the office.
  • Learn at Your Pace

    Repeat and review key courses and exercises as users advance through the training to ensure comprehension.
  • All Browsers

    Access your training anytime on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device to match your on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Get Certified

    Attain a Certificate of Completion once all videos and quizzes have been completed.